The questions below will help determine your suitability profile as an eLearning student and help you decide whether online learning will be successful for you.
*What is your most recent grade average (rounded off to the nearest percent) from your most recent set of report cards?
What are your learning skills grades from your most recent set of report cards?
Think of your average learning skills across all your subjects, not just your best or worst course.
Learning Skills Grades
E (excellent)G (good)S (satisfactory)N (needs improvement)
Independent Work
Which of the following key characteristics honestly describe you?
I effectively organize my work and track due dates.
I am more self-disciplined than most students in my school.
I juggle commitments well (e.g., job, co-curricular).
I tend to get things done ahead of time rather than leaving things to the last minute.
I enjoy interacting with others via chat rooms or e-mail.
I have regular access to a computer at home connected to the Internet.
I have good keyboarding and basic computer skills (file management, email, etc.).
I fluently express my ideas in writing.
I am a capable reader and/or enjoy reading.
*What is your honest motivation to earn this credit?